Lisa Clarke, the ower of Clarkeworks, has a unique and wide combination of skills gained through her experience earned over 20 years of running a medium sized business as a operations manager, (Innkeeper).  This experience is enhanced by earlier careers as a pastry chef in Toronto, artist run galleries in Peterborough and retail operations management in Ottawa.

Customer service has always been a top priority for Lisa who has prided herself in her ability to achieve high levels of guest satisfaction as she has successfully strived to turn unhappy guests into long-term customers.  Under Lisa's leadership, policies, systems and manuals for staff and operations were developed that contributed to creating a positive and flexible work environment.

Management of a business requires knowing financial numbers.  Lisa created annual budgets, kept a close eye on key operating ratios, cash flow and day to day sales targets.

Lisa has a passion for learning and self development that has led her to achieve accreditation in bookkeeping which she keeps current through regular knowledge updating and membership in key associations.

As an inspector for Quality Assurance for the Ontario's Finest Inns and Spas group, Lisa gained a broadened insight into many other styles of business operations as well as a critical eye for detail and a diplomatic manner for creative critiques.

Lisa had the opportunity to follow a personal passion for the environment as she implemented a Sustainability Charter as well as a Green Plan into the workplace.  These efforts were recognized with TIAO's 2008 award for Sustainable Tourism Business of the year.

Lisa's experience in Tourism and marketing was a valuable asset as she taught courses in Tourism and Customer Service as a part-time professor in Ottawa. 

Lisa believes that her well-rounded skill set of experiences balanced with her diplomatic and caring manner combine well to being able to offer small businesses the helping hand they sometimes require!

Monthly TIp 3


Those little bits of paper are somehow so aggravating to keep track of!  But they are so very important.  Try keep keeping an envelope in your car and throwing the receipts in after making a purchase for your business.  Ideally jot down what the pruchase was if it isnt clear on the receipt. Once a month empty it out and place in a file until you or your bookeeper sorts into your recording system.  Remember NOT to use a highlighter on thermal paper receipts as it makes the ink disappear - theses receipts should be scanned or copied to last 7 years storage!