Clarkeworks is pleased to provide a variety of service solutions for small and medium size businesses in Eastern Ontario.

Solutions for the important things you may not have time for - which allows you to concentrate on your business!

We offer services in the areas of bookkeeping, business administration and web media management.

Monthly TIp 3


Those little bits of paper are somehow so aggravating to keep track of!  But they are so very important.  Try keep keeping an envelope in your car and throwing the receipts in after making a purchase for your business.  Ideally jot down what the pruchase was if it isnt clear on the receipt. Once a month empty it out and place in a file until you or your bookeeper sorts into your recording system.  Remember NOT to use a highlighter on thermal paper receipts as it makes the ink disappear - theses receipts should be scanned or copied to last 7 years storage!

Customisable Small Business Bookkeeping Package

Clarkeworks will work with you to set-up a bookkeeping recording system that works for YOU!  Certified Bookkeeping Practitioner.


Business Administration

There may be many reasons to outsource certain tasks.  Whether on a short or periodic basis, on or off site,  talk to us to see how we can effectively lighten your load!



Web Page Updates!

We offer web page updating services for your business - so important to keep your customers well informed!